Saturday, September 29, 2012

I LOVE Getting your LETTERS

This is Sister Magoons Address if you plane on sending Holiday cards and letters they take any where from 2 to 3 weeks to get them she Loves letters.
Hermana Callie Magoon
Honduras Teucigalpa Mission
Colonia Florencia Norte, Contiguo a SEAR
Entre boulevar Suyapa y PriceSmart
Edificio Plaza America, 3er Piso

Three cousins in Honduras serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Good Bye to the Y Hello Me speak no Espaniol!

Callie Magoon
Bulevar Vista Hermosa 23-71
Vista Hermosa I, Zona 15
01015 Guatemala City
Guatemala C.A.

 Hermana Magoon is no longer looking out the MTC window at the Y she is now in Gutamala MTC.
It was so good to talk with her on the phone just before she flew out. She had a cold but other than that she sounded so good and loving life. She was nervous about her first ever airplane ride but excited for the change.
Spanish is hard but she says its coming and its hard. She said goodbye to Elder Magoon and said that was really hard. He was able to give her a blessing before she left and that she said was awesome.
I got a short email from her yesterday that said she had landed. Everthing was in Spanish she dont like to fly and things looked sketchy there. HAHA
Here Is her address info:
So to all Callies slacker friends who have not written to her. This message is from her TELL THEM TO WRITE TO ME PLEASE!!! SO here it is the address instructions...
Pouch Mail--- The Church provides pouch mail service. Items sent by pouch mail use the United States Postal Service sent from you to Church headquarters, where they are forwarded to Hermana Magoon by private courier along with other church mail. Pouch mail leaves Church headquarters each Friday. Items received after the pouch has been sent will be held for the next week. Only postcards or one-Page correspondences ( NO ENVELOPES) written on one side of the page may be sent through the pouch. Notebook or other lightweight papers will not process through the usps machines and photographs are not acceptable. Items restricted from the pouch may be sent through the USPS or a private courier. Letter folding instructions---Lay the letter blank side down. Fold the bottom of the letter about one third of the way up the page and crease. Fold the top of the letter to the bottoom of the first fold and rease. Secure the long side with two pieces of tape about one inch in from each end but do not seal the ends. In the top left corner write your name and complete return address. Affex first class postage in the top right corner. In the middle write the missionary address as follows:
Callie Magoon
Bulevar Vista Hermosa 23-71
Vista Hermosa I, Zona 15
01015 Guatemala City
Guatemala C.A.

You may send this letter through the mail and not pouch but it could be a very long time before she gets it.
Also if you sign up for free on you will be able to type your letter and they will get it to the pouch mail for free while she is in the MTC then you dont have to worry about folding it and all that good stuff just type and send they even tell you when the next pouch goes to the Guatmala MTC.
If you have any questions send me an email

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 9 2012 THE DROP OFF!

Morning started at 5 am lots of mixed emotions mostly excitement. All the suite cases didn't fit in the van so Dad and Dahlen Tied them on top of the van. HAHA. We left the house shortly after 6am.


Stopped in St. George to say goodbye to Grandma Blake and pick up my skirt and blouse Aunt Janice fixed for me. (thank you Aunt Janice)
Grandma Blake has 5 missionaries out right now so she is a lot teary eyed.

See you later's and lots of hugs and advice from Grandma and Grandpa Blake

Back in the van and on the road again. Traveling the I-15 all together sorta felt like we were going to a rodeo only one problem we were in the van. We talked a lot mostly about our rodeo trips up and down the road and memories we made along the way. We stopped in Nephi so Callie could deposit some money and notarize some papers at the credit union you know things we just didn't get done. Once we arrived in Provo we stopped to get lunch but nobody was real hungry nerves were pretty much taken over so we decided just Wendy's dollar menu would do. We had about 45 minutes so we decided to go to the Provo temple grounds and maybe catch Katie and her family before she left so we could give her some hugs. We are all excited to see if they become companions and what the two of them in Honduras will be able to accomplish.

Here we are waiting on the temple grounds most of our emotions hadn't got to out of control but the wait was getting the best of Callie she was getting sick to her stomach and thought she might throw up. As we went back to the van in the parking lot the kids needed things out of there Suitcases and so they decided to take them of the top of the van while we were standing around in the parking lot waiting for our time to drop them off which was 12:50. 

I also think they didn't want it to last to long when we pulled up to the kirb both of them wanted the drop off to happen quick. HAHA things are getting pretty quite and lots of small talk. We all know the time is getting close to saying our final good byes for a few years.



My First Companion and Pray for my Spanish

Hermana Bundy & Hermana Magoon
May 9, and 10
Buenos Dias Mi Famila! Spanish is so hard I wont lie especially when everyone but 4 of the 11 in our district are good at it. One day I will understand and speak it but for now I just have to work hard at it!!! But it is really trying! The first day we went to class and it was pure Spanish wont lie it was super scary didn't like it but I made it through day one and half way through day two now. Well the first person I saw was Hermana Fair a friend from Snow She said it was like Disneyland here haha NOT!!  Dropped my luggage off and headed to get all my books and to class I went. Well guess who my companion is haha not Hermana Bundy I wish though wouldn't that be great we would be together 24/7 except the bathroom that is. Well I was Just teasing you my companion is Hermana Bundy. We both started laughing when we saw each other for the first time and said this was suppose to be a joke.(side note the had talked about this before how funny would that be if we are companions)  But guess not haha so it doesnt feel like I am on a mission well it is just different seeing my Bro, cousins, and friends here haha but it is great! (Elder Magoon, Elder Gardner, Elder Gleave, Hermana Bundy, and a whole bunch of kids she went to school with) May 29 is when I fly to Guatemala cant wait!! Well Hermana Flake and Hermana Williams are our room mates. I love Hermana Flake she reminds me of Kimberlee red hair and all super awesome and fun but I feel like I am Hanging out with Kimberlee haha. It has been crazy here and hard and it goes on. We had our group teaching experience in English with investigators and that was an eye opener but when the Spirit tells me to say something he means it I just stood up and away it went. But Spanish on the other hand not so much we teach our first Spanish one tomorrow Mi and Hermana Bundy are a little freaked out well a lot!! So hopefully we even last 2 menos hopefully well don't worry about me just pray for me with the language I could use it!! Well that is all I got love you all and Happy Mothers Dia Madre! Hope it is GREAT! Any advice I will take. well love you All! Adios Love Hermana Magoon
P.S. It is so hard to say Hermana Bundy I have called her Katie way to much! We are lucky I know :)

The Last Full Day for 18 Months At Home

May 8, 2012

The night before we leave for the Provo MTC mom has Bailey(thanks Bay) come over to take some family pictures. Not like we have enough to do. We were not happy with mom but we had put her off for months and now it was crunch time. First stop was pictures with Grandma Bundy. She was a great sport and came outside in her house coat to take a picture and say our goodbyes.
Not happy with mom for making us go catch the horses clear down in the bottom field and the sun is going down fast.
Halters and bucket of grain one last trip to catch the horses altogether. (I told Bailey hurry thats the picture I want and she did a great job then the kids took off running knowing we were taking pictures but at least that got them to start smiling.
Jack, Skeeter,Rocky, Chris & Smurf glad to see everyone and of course the bucket of grain

Going to miss this.


  Sure glad we did.

Jumping for Joy we are done with pictures.

As you can see it got dark on us. After pictures we had about an hour to get back home and to be ready  to meet the Stake President to be set apart as missionary's. Callie needed to finish those last few things on her list so I went to town with Victoria. President Jensen, Sister Jensen, Mom, Dad, Dahlen, Bailey, Josh, Braxton, Grandpa Cliven,Grandma Carol, Stetsy, Arden, CeCe, her little brother (sp) and Bishop Allen were all there waiting for me and Victoria to get back from town we had gone to find me some jewelery and get pizza for dinner. I hurried and put on my dress and grabbed my scriptures and we had a sweet discussion with president Jensen and great promises and blessings to help us while we are gone serving the Lord.  After they were gone I needed to go to Wal-Mart still and so my good friend Kody Ruth came over and got me and was my companion for the night. She has given me lots of great advice and shared her mission experiences with me. I love to laugh with her she is an awesome example and friend.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Callies Surprise Trip to Ephriam Utah see you all in 18 months

 Taylor, Lane Karl and Jo, and other friends. I don't know all the names but I know she loves you all. After finally reaching Ephraim Sunday night she was able to hug a very dear friend Taylor as well as many loved friends and her second Mom and Dad. Karl and Jo  got a late night visitor Sunday night due to the car break down. She said they where in their pj's ready for bed but they got up and hung out with her for awhile. Thanks Lane for keeping her secret. Monday morning Karl fixed her breakfast at The Malt Shop she loved it. After Breakfast she went on the 4 wheelers with Lane and Taylor in the mountains she so loves and they spent the day. Thanks guys she really needed to decompress.
She got to celebrate Naykids Birthday enjoying tacos with him and Marissa (sp) and the Nay family one more time.
Callie was sad that she missed Kayla and Chip and few others. Most of all she wanted to go one more time to her beloved Manti Temple and see her dear friends there but the temple is closed on Mondays. If truth be known I think she was secretly hoping the car was not fixable till Tuesday morning so she could of snuck of to the temple one more time.
Thank you Sanpete for loving my girl ♥ you will all be missed. Dont forget to write.  SORRY KARL NO PHONE CALLS SHE DIDN'T TAKE HER CELL PHONE. HAHA :)

Angels among us

First I will give you just a glimpse into Callie's weekend before she left to the MTC so you can see how blessed we are and that Angels live among us and miracles are always around we just need to watch for them.
Sunday afternoon Callie had made plans to surprise her Ephraim family one more time so after Birthday dinner of Dutch oven potatoes and chicken for McKay's Birthday she took off in McKay new car which is now Victoria's new car with plans to come home Monday night. However as she exited I-15 headed across I-70 the car made a pop sound and she lost all power to the car. Very disappointed she called her dad and then her Uncle John to help her figure out what was wrong. Dad and Dahlen where hooking up truck and trailer to be ready to go pick her up when her and Uncle John on the cell phones diagnose that it had to be just a battery.
Picture sent to Uncle John can you tell what the proplem is by this picture? Me neither
So we went with that and Dahlen filled the car and was ready to go take her a battery and Dad would be ready with Truck and trailer.. Mom contacted a rodeo friend Malissa Anderson through face book (Love FB) the Anderson's went out of there way Sunday afternoon got a battery and had there grandpa ready to bring his truck and trailer so they could get Callie off the road before dark and back in Beaver if the battery didn't work. Callie said Ryan must of drove fast because she felt like she had just hung up the phone and he was there. Ryan took the time to explain to Callie what had happened. The new battery worked and she was on her way again. Thanks Ryan and Malissa Rodeo Family's are the Best!
However after all the playing and visiting with her Ephraim family it was time to come home but the car wouldn't start and once again Dad got a phone call. He thought it may be the starter or the cables got fried when the battery burst but with out being there he had her once again call Uncle John (Great mechanic by the way if you ever need one in St. George just call Hummel's Automotive) After hours in small town Ephraim another Rodeo Family called in an Angel who showed up with the right tools, and knowledge and replaced her cables and I don't know what else, but had her on her way to Panguitch to pick up McKay and head home so they could both finishing packing. So grateful she was protected and watched over. Why she had this experience after 3 years of traveling that road in her little car never having one bit of trouble and on her last trip to have problems I think to remind us we are blessed through amazing people who are willing to give of themselves. Now go serve give of yourself as others have done for you.